Hugsy B.V. 


Hugsy’s mission is to provide the best comfort and care possible to babies and children around the world to improve their well-being and enhance parent-child bonding.

Hugsy designs and develops comfort and care products for babies and early childhood, with the aim to bring comfort and care to little ones by providing them with feelings of closeness to a parent. Designed to bridge the gap when a parent cannot be there, Hugsy’s products extend the positive effects of vital physical contact by echoing the sensorial hallmarks of a parent’s physical presence even when they are away. The Hugsy products combine evidence-based, non-pharmacological comforting techniques: skin-to-skin contact, swaddling, facilitated tucking, audible heartbeat, and aromatherapy.

As a rule, all babies are soothed by a sense of closeness to a parent, but this takes on a new urgency for premature babies. The recreation of a physical embrace can help to reduce pain and stress experienced in neonatal intensive care units, which are otherwise isolated and lonely environments. The portable nature of the Hugsy products ensures that this experience can be replicated anywhere with great ease – from hospital incubators for babies fighting for survival, to cots at home with healthy babies who just need a little more attention.


Strategic Product Design; Childhood; Healthcare


Function: Founder & Creative Director

Management and delegation of startup activities; Higher level vision and strategy for the company; Allocation of resources and capital, and guiding of fundraising activities; Leading creative direction and vision of the company; Leading product development and creative activities.


Hugsy: A Comforting Solution for Preterm Neonates Designed to Enhance Parent-Child Bonding

Jul 17, 2017 • 2017 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies (CHASE)






Hugsy Heartbeat

The Hugsy Heartbeat works together with the Hugsy Pouch and Hugsy Cuddle to provide a mother’s unique heartbeat to her child. The Hugsy Heartbeat records a parent’s heartbeat using a fingertip pulse sensor. A proprietary algorithm then translates this pulse into an audible heartbeat sound and vibration that can be played back to a child at the push of a button.


Hugsy Pouch

A multifunctional blanket that can be used as a wrap during skin to skin cuddling sessions and doubles as a swaddling blanket when a baby goes to bed. The all organic textile absorbs a parent’s specific and soothing scent during a cuddle session, so that a little one can be comfortably swaddled and brought to bed in a blanket that smells just like their parents. 


Hugsy Cuddle

A sleeping aid designed for older babies and toddlers. This cute little bear features a detachable scent-cloth that can be scented by a parent, and an insert for the Hugsy Heartbeat to create a cuddling bear that gives subtle heartbeat sounds and vibrations. A little one can then fall asleep cuddling a companion that smells and sounds just like their parents.