Warm Places.



Eindhoven University of Technology 


‘Warm Place’ was an interactive installation designed for the Design Huis in the city of Eindhoven. The ‘Warm Place’ installation was designed for people living with sensuous dementia, and explored the element of warmth as an underlying principle within comforting tactile experiences for elderly people. Furthermore, the installation explores the idea of transformative homes, and how elderly care homes can be heated in new and more playful ways to elicit curiosity in residents and provide soothing experiences.

The installation consisted of two parts: heated landscaping, and a ‘warm spot’. Heated landscaping uses rice grains as a landscaping element for residents to play with. The warming element consists of a radiator underneath the rice, which over time heats the rice making it very soothing to touch, and also heats a fine mesh under the rice. The idea behind the landscaping is that residents can landscape the rice to either allow heat to pass through the mesh, or to stop heat from coming through and instead be absorbed by the rice grains.

The ‘warm spot’ is a heat lamp which reacts on people as they approach the lamp or pass by. When there is no interaction, the lamp hangs high, however, when someone comes closer, the lamp slowly lowers down, acknowledging their presence. As they put their hands under the lamp to warm up, the lamp begins to play with them according to their movements, in a way they are guiding the lamp, and the amount of warmth they want to feel.


Category: Conceptualization; Healthcare


Function: Design Student

User research, conceptualization, prototyping.