Sylvie / Claes

My Work.

A selection of various projects I've worked on for clients, companies, and at the university. I have worked on projects within the expertise areas of strategic product design, traditional industrial design, UX design, concept work, and research. These projects range from the topic of healthcare, to design for childhood, outdoor gear, banking, digital fabrication, and more. Enjoy!



Comfort and care products for babies and early childhood that provide feelings of closeness.

Category: Strategic Product Design; Childhood; Healthcare

new render file for midpresentation.220.jpg


Modular camping box that lets you live and sleep in your car.

Category: Design Project; Outdoor Gear


Edge Cook & Charge

Cook, charge, and stay connected off the grid. 

Category: Design Project; Outdoor Gear


Warm Places

An installation exploring warmth as a comforting tactile experience for the elderly. 

Category: Conceptualization; Healthcare


Photographs & Memories

Ethnographic research into design of reminiscence technologies.

Category: Research Project; Healthcare


Futuring with ING Bank

Visualizing desirable futures of virtual banking for the year 2035.

Category: Strategic Product Design; Banking


Open Source Prosthetics

Digitally fabricated solutions for below the knee prosthetics to be used in third world countries.

Category: UX Design; Digital Fabrication


3D, Sketching, and Other Miscellaneous

A mix of my work in 3D, sketching, and other projects.

Category: 3D; Sketching; Various